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A little more about me

I am a Latino/x Filmmaker from the San Francisco Bay Area, with the ultimate goal to create work in a way that encourages people to feel included, inspired, and hopefully, learn something new.


My passion for filmmaking sparked as a result of not knowing where I belonged. I felt that I did not fit the typical Latino/x mold which my community expected me to fill, but I was also labeled as "other" for being a minority. So, I found inspiration and purpose in watching movies, to the point where I started to make my own films and fully pursued a career in filmmaking.


I attended San Francisco State University’s film program where I learned how to work in a team, and how to express myself creatively. Now, I am drawn toward creating jovial stories that will resonate universally and, most importantly, emotionally with all audiences. I am fascinated by new technologies as a tool to enhance a good story and use them to build upon my filmmaking craft. I push myself professionally in an effort to experience every corner of the media world from interning at Disney to working at MasterClass. I retain great pride in my thesis film (BEEP) for its recognition from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) at NALIP’s Latino Media Festival.


I found belonging in movies and now I am set on offering belonging and joy to the people who may have felt lonely like I was. On a really good day, you may just catch me watching a Godzilla film while sipping a cup of iced coffee.

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