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Professional Work

Exmas | Amazon + Freevee

Assistant Editor Feature Fiilm

When Graham (Robbie Amell) decides to surprise his family by traveling home for Christmas, he is shocked to discover them already celebrating with an unexpected guest of honor, his ex-fiancée, Ali (Leighton Meester). The two exes battle it out to see who the family will pick to stay through Christmas Day and who must go. Let the holiday chaos begin!

I was one of  two Assistant Editors working on this comedy

Christmas movie.

Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love | MasterClass 

Assistant Editor for Whole Series

From critical race theory to the 1619 Project, Black intellectuals are reshaping conversations on race in America. Now seven of those preeminent voices share their insight on the reckoning with race in America in three parts: past, present, and future.

I was one of the few Assistant Editors who pulled off many late nights to get this incredible class out into the world.

Marques Brownlee | MasterClass

Assistant Editor for Whole Class

Once named “Creator of the Decade,” the hugely popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee is here to rev up your content engine. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll brainstorm innovative video concepts, create preproduction plans, and learn how to light and shoot the best possible footage for social media.

I was the main Assistant Editor on this project.

Devon Rodriguez | MasterClass

Assistant Editor for Whole Class

In Devon’s session, you’ll create your own portrait after practicing sketching, color mixing, and painting alla prima. No matter your skill level, you’ll learn the techniques necessary to make something that astounds you.

I was the main Assistant Editor on this project.

Homemade Iced Mexican Mocha Intro | Social Media Promo

Editor, Cinematographer, Director

A fun introduction for a Homemade Mexican Iced Mocha tutorial with Our Vibes Media.

Explosive Flavors, Fresh Ingredients | Promotional Video

Editor & Director

Promotional Video created for the Horchateriarl in Southern California.

Explosive Flavors, Fresh Ingredients | Promotional Video

Editor & Director

The 2021 Neal Poppin Award winner, goes to Sharon Boddie, who has been an essential worker at Safeway, working throughout the pandemic.

I edited this short promo which honored a fearce and incredible human. 

Behind the Scenes of feature film LAST CHANCE CHARLENE featuring actor Alley Mills

Editor, Cinematographer

A crew of Bay Area natives, band together to make their first feature film. 

I was additionally a co-producer on this feature film. 

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