La Mano Peluda | Short Film

Editor & Producer

A mother and her young daughter return to deal with a fractured home life, all the while unaware of a growing darkness that threatens to spill into reality.

Submitted to Jakob Owen's Horror Short Film Contest.

Beep | Short Film

Director & Editor

An old man on the brink of his life revives a mysterious robot who is set on returning the favor.

This was my thesis film from SFSU's Cinema program. The film played at NALIP's 2019 Latino Media Festival and PBS's online film festival.

Music Producing with Jake Knox | Pilot Episode

Director & Editor

Jake Knox is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, has toured nationally with renowned artists, aided in the creation of film scores, and continues to not only express himself through his music but help other artists find and solidify their voices as well.

This pilot was created in the hope to launch a new series that amplifies the voices of diverse people within a variety of career fields.

Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love | MasterClass 

Assistant Editor for Whole Series

From critical race theory to the 1619 Project, Black intellectuals are reshaping conversations on race in America. Now seven of those preeminent voices share their insight on the reckoning with race in America in three parts: past, present, and future.

I was one of the few Assistant Editors who pulled off many late nights to get this incredible class out into the world.

Explosive Flavors, Fresh Ingredients | Promotional Video

Editor & Director

Promotional Video created for the Horchateriarl in Southern California.

Reach The Peak, Reach Your Potential | Promotional Video

Editor & Director

Life is full of mountains, some bigger than others, but all climbs don’t have to be done alone. Glimpse will take every step with you by highlighting diverse stories and careers, offering sage and practical advice, and inspiring you to fearlessly pursue any career goals!

This promotional video was created to promote the fundraising campaign for our series. 

Wet Paint | Short Film

Director & Editor

A lonely painting must be recognized before it disappears into nothingness, all without making a sound.

This film was created for SFSU's Campus Movie Film Festival. The film won the Golden Tripod Award for Best Drama at Campus Movie Festival's Atlanta show.

Marques Brownlee | MasterClass

Assistant Editor for Whole Class

Once named “Creator of the Decade,” the hugely popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee is here to rev up your content engine. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll brainstorm innovative video concepts, create preproduction plans, and learn how to light and shoot the best possible footage for social media.

I was the main Assistant Editor on this project.

Devon Rodriguez | MasterClass

Assistant Editor for Whole Class

In Devon’s session, you’ll create your own portrait after practicing sketching, color mixing, and painting alla prima. No matter your skill level, you’ll learn the techniques necessary to make something that astounds you.

I was the main Assistant Editor on this project.

Homemade Iced Mexican Mocha Intro | Social Media Promo

Editor, Cinematographer, Director

A fun introduction for a Homemade Mexican Iced Mocha tutorial with Our Vibes Media.

The Yard | Animatic


This project was illustrated and created by Justin Bruce Lee! I had the pleasure of bringing this story to life through the magic of editing. 

Godzilla 2014 vs Godzilla 1994 |  Short Film

Animator, Editor, & Director

Godzilla from the past meets the Godzilla from the present.

This was one of my first stop-motion videos. See? Totally holds up. 

Other General Projects I edited or directed! 

BB-8 Stop Motion Holiday Edition!!!
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