Alexander Gonzalez is a Latino Filmmaker with the ultimate goal to honor diverse experiences in a way that allows people to feel included, inspired, and hopefully, learn something new. His passion for filmmaking sparked as a result of not fitting the typical Latino/x mold which people expected him to fill, so he found inspiration and purpose in watching and making movies. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended San Francisco State University’s film program; a program that celebrates diverse, creative, and ambitious filmmakers so that people from different backgrounds can feel like their voice is heard. He is drawn towards jovial stories that are designed to be universally understood while tugging on the audience's emotions. He is fascinated by new technologies as a tool to only enhance a good story and uses them to build upon his filmmaking craft. He pushes himself professionally in an effort to experience every corner of the media world from interning at Disney to working at KQED in San Francisco. He retains great pride for his thesis film’s recognition from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) at NALIP’s Latino Media Festival. He found belonging in movies and now he is set on offering belonging and joy for the people who may have felt lonely like he was. On a really good day, you may catch Alexander watching a Godzilla film while sipping a cup of iced coffee.